Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Another Flaming Hoop

Sometimes I think that the school is trying to make things difficult. Yesterday, I tried to register for classes for the last time (at least with this school), and it would not go through. Since there was no one else registered for either of the sections of the class I need, I assumed that there was an issue with how the class is configured in the computer (which happens just about every quarter). Since there are more seats than students in my program, I was not too concerned about it. I figured that they would fix it, and I could register today.

Fast forward to this morning. I try to register again, and still get an error message to call the Health Records department. However, no there is someone else registered. Damn, must be a problem with my records in the system (which happens about every third quarter). So, I call them and actually manage to get someone on the first try! (anyone who has dealt with a student health records department will realize exactly how rare this occurance is). Turns out they have locked me out of registration because my annual TB test is due after classes start, like a month after classes start. Never mind that this was not an issue last year at this time. Helpful-Records-Office-Woman stammers some response about my test must have been up to date then. Okay, I guess I took 2 TB tests the previous year and just forgot about the second one.

I guess that in the big picture this is really not an issue. I can stop in my doctor's office on my lunch hour and get the test done. Since it only involves seeing a nurse and getting a quick ID shot, I can be in and out within 15 minutes each time. However, that fills 2 of my lunch hours next week (1 to get the shot, and 1 to get the results read) and arguing with the nurse about what I need for documentations (again the school tries to make things difficult by requiring very specific data).

But, I am not going to let this bother me. Today is payday, and we got a bonus on this check. We had a long-term incentive program pay out at the end of last year, and it appeared on this paycheck. While most of it is going to pay credit cards, I've decided to buy myself (and/or Buster) something fun. So, I'm going to a little shopping to see what kind of fun toy(s) I want to buy.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Some Random Fan-boy fun

Interesting, and not exactly unpleasant!

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Okay we'll try this out........

Okay, so the RN is a little premature, but I don't want to try and change the name later. So we'll just consider it positive visualization. But, it will be true shortly. By August, it will be official. (Which alternates between exciting and terrifying)

Not exactly sure how to start this, so I'll just start writing and see what happens.

Tonight's mood: introspective......

Well, everyone else seems to be doing this......... Might as well try my hand at it too.

More to come later....

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