Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Scope of (blog) practice

Ever nurse runs into questions about their scope practice. Recently, I've had something I've wanted to discuss here, but was not sure how much of it to reveal since it was primarily regarding my private life. Unlike many of my co-workers, I believe in keeping my private life separate and distinct from my professional life. However, the issue has been confused since I think that the reason I am in this situation is a direct result of my growth and maturation as a nurse.

After much deliberation, I have decided to keep this blog about my professional life and keep discussions of a strictly personal nature out of it. I have decided that this blog will not contain anything I would not want to talk to my boss about. There will continue to be some references to my personal life and personal relationships since it is impossible to completely separate things, but the focus of this blog will be professional. That being said, I am in the process of starting another blog where I can write about more personal things, which will of course contain some references to being a nurse and nursing. And no, it will not be linked off of this blog, or my blogger profile. That would kind of defeat the purpose of separate blogs. =)

I just realized that I am writing this on Earth Day, and I should probably have addressed that, but since I don't really have anything along those lines, this is what you get today.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Place holding post

I have something I want to post, but have not quite figured out how to say it yet. This post is here just to keep me in the habit of posting.

Looking at this picture makes me giggle. If I tried to do this with either of my cats, I would be giving blood, just not in any sort of controllable, useful way. =)

I have to work all weekend (like always), so will probably not be posting over the weekend, but who knows. Hopefully by Monday, I will have this idea worked out enough to put on paper (or the Blogger or whatever.......)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh, the conversations you will have.....

Sometimes I wonder just what nurses will *NOT* discuss amongst themselves. We had a conversation this weekend at work that made me feel much the same way as this cat here.

One of our nurse practitioners was telling us about some of her more memorable gynecological exams, most of which involved the removal of some kind of foreign body. The whole conversation was a little disturbing, but the best part of it was when she said,

"I know they say a hard penis has no conscience, but is it blind and with no sense of smell too?"
As the sole representative of the male gender in this conversation, everyone looked to me for an answer. I had to point out that I could not exactly answer that question from personal experience, but seeing some of the partners that men I know have hooked up with, I had to say the answer was probably yes.
I just never thought I would be having a conversation about preferences of the penis 1) while at work, or 2) with a woman who is probably close to the same age as my mother.
And this was just the part of the conversation that I can write about and maintain a PG-13 rating........
I feel unclean now............

Monday, April 14, 2008


This has been me

Okay, so not been having any CAT scans, but I have been just about this lazy lately. I did not realize that it has been like 7 months since I made an update here. Guess it has taken me a little more time than I thought to get settled into life here in the south.

It has been a bit of a shock moving here to the deep south. Things just move at such a different pace than life in Ohio. I never thought that the midwest was especially hectic or fast paced, but in comparison, life here seems to be sssssssssllllllllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwww. Guess there is just a different concept of time here. I predict that I will never quite adapt to it, and I will always be seen as one of those dreaded "Yanks".

I will attempt to make more updates here........ then again, I've said that before........

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