Friday, July 14, 2006


I got nothin' today

So I just thought I would share this picture I found online.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Is it really a carnival without clowns?

Come one! Come all! The latest issue of the best nursing blog carnival is up and running. Check out

As always, Kim at Emergiblog did an amazing job putting everything together. Laughter, tears, a little bit of everything. Take a peek inside your a nurse's head. It not (usually) as scary as you might think.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Some (hopefully) helpful advice

Since it is time for another issue of Change of Shift, I thought I would provide some completely unsolicited and totally subjective advice about surviving the NCLEX. So, here you go. Here is the standard obvious disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are solely those of the poster and are in no way connected to anyone with an actual say in the matter. Your mileage may vary. Do not submerge. Clean with soft cloth only. May cause drowsiness; use care when driving or operating dangerous equipment......

How to Survive (but definately not enjoy) your NCLEX Experience

That pretty much sums up my completely unscientific and unofficial guide to surviving the NCLEX. Hopefully it will help someone out there pass her/his boards, or give some insight to the friends/families/people who've met them once at party of nurses about just exactly how it feels to try to survice the boards.

Monday, July 10, 2006


It's really official

I found this picture on the web one day, and I just knew that I would have to use it in a post after I passed my boards. According to the caption, these are the male nurses on staff at Dixmont Hospital in Dixmont, PA sometime around 1920. My guess is that the majority of these guys were nurses in world war 1, but that is just a guess based on what I know about the history of nursing. However, it is still nice to have an idea of who my professional "forefathers" were.

Saturday afternoon I received my actual, official license in the mail. In all honesty, I was expecting something a little more. I received a "certificate" that was, and I quote, "...suitable for framing..." and a cut-it-out-yourself, paper wallet card. Not exactly anything spectacular. But, it's real and official, so that is what really matters. I would have been just as exciting to get a piece of paper with one of those stickers like we got in second grade (Okay, I just went to the idea of "What would it be a scratch and sniff of?".....).

Buster got home from Kansas last night/this morning at about 1:30. Of course, he wanted to surprise me so he did not call ahead and let me know he was coming. So I just about had a heart attack when I was awakened by footsteps in the hall in the middle of the night. And our dog, being the wonderous watch dog she is, didn't do anything except wag her tail. I'm not sure if she knew who it was and was not concerned, or if she is just getting too old to care. Scary thing is, it only took me a couple of seconds to recognize the footsteps and stop being worried too. Guess I am lucky that it was Buster and not some psychopath...... (***must refrain from making comment*****)

Friday, July 07, 2006


I just checked the state board's website......

.... and I have a license number, and my status is "Approved".






Okay...... now that I have *that* out of my system......

Now I just have to watch the mail for my actual physical license and the assorted documentation that goes with it. The feeling of relief that came from just seeing that number on the screen will be nothing compared to actually holding that piece of paper in my hands. I made the mistake of checking this while at work (like I was actually going to wait until I got home. Yeah right). Now I have to try and focus on my current job for the remainder of the day. Now comes the fun part of trying to find a nursing job. Of course, can't do that until The-Spousal-Equivalent (Buster) figures out where he is going to be working. One thing at a time....

Thursday, July 06, 2006


All over but the waiting

Well, yesterday was THE day. I took my NCLEX yesterday. Now I just have to sit around and wait for the results. I can check tomorrow afternoon-ish with the testing company to see if I passed or not, if I am willing to pay for it. There is a tip circulating among nursing students about checking with your state nursing board's website and trying to verify your license. According to rumor, you should be able to tell if you're being assigned a license or not. I'm not sure if this will work here in Ohio or not, but I'll give it a try. The test itself was not quite as bad as I had worked myself up to think it would be. The security of the testing center was tight. By the time I started taking the test, I was half convinced I was getting the nuclear launch codes, not taking a freakin' test. I completely understand why security like that is important, but jeeze.

In terms of the test itself, I have no idea how I did. The test shut off at 75 questions (which I have been told is statistically, a good sign) and the majority of my questions were higher difficulty prioritization questions (again, another statistical good sign from what I've been told), and there was only 1 question where I just picked an answer becuase I had absolutely no clue. I guess that I'll know tomorrow afternoon.

I really think that we should have been given a goodie bag of chocolate and Xanax when we walked out of the testing center. Last night I was simply too drained to worry about my results. Now that I have had some sleep, I am nervous. Tomorrow afternoon will not get here quickly enough.....

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