Thursday, May 11, 2006


Finally getting around to an update

Okay, this picture is completely random (well, not exactly random but not it does not have anything to do with what I am going to talk about today), but I find it amusing. I actually have a framed version of this label, somewhere. I am so easily amused sometimes...........

I survived the month from Hades. Woo woo wookie wookie yeah!!!! A whole month of working 72 hours a week over and done with. Maybe now I can actually have something resembling a life again. My preceptor told my advisor that not only did I pass, but that I did an excellent job and that I was going to make a very good nurse. More woo woo wookie wookie yeah!!!! This was on the same night that my patient told me I was an excellent nurse. Of course she was more than a little confused/zonked out on meds, so it's difficult to say if she was actually talking to me. For all I know, she was actually talking to the IV stand. A couple of days after this, I took my first theory exam of the quarter and scored a 49/50 on it. Needless to say, been feeling pretty good about school lately!

With the end of school actually in sight now (only about 4 more weeks!), I have such a horrible case of short-timer's disease at work. Is there a med I can take for a complete and utter lack of motivation? Of course, we have had a number of things come up at work where everyone involved is "I need this now! This is urgent, urgent, urgent!" Blah blah blah yaddah yaddah yaddah. It's really hard to get all worked up about things at work when I have gotten used to dealing with things that truly are life and death matters. Well, August will be here before we realize it. Of course, it is not helping matters that many people at work are already treating me like I've left. Now, if I could just get some specific people to think I'm not here.............

Well, guess I should get back to work. After all, I am not getting paid to blog, at least not officially.

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