Thursday, February 09, 2006


A busy couple of days

Okay, things have been a little crazy the last couple of days (imagine that, a nursing student having some crazy days!).

Things started out last Thursday (2/2), literally a couple of minutes after my last post on that day. Just before class started, my friend School-Wife tells me "Oh by the way, Crazy-Clinical-Instructor won't be our instructor anymore." Naturally curious, I asked "Why?". The response was "Oh, he showed up to his clinical group yesterday completely drunk." Well naturally, this explained A LOT about his behavior (and odor) during our Saturday clinicals.

So Saturday rolls around, and we do not know for certain who will be there for our clinicals. This is not too big of a deal since it was our last day on the "behavioral health unit" (translated: psychiatric unit), and we were only planning on bringing breakfast type foods for the staff as a thank you, doing midquarter evaluations, and then going out for a celebratory lunch. I heard a rumor that our instructor was going to be the same NP we had last quarter, which would work out very well for me since I still need a recommendation form for this fellowship after graduation. No such luck though. Our sub turns out to be one of the instructors that I have never met in person before (so much of the recommendation form). That is one of the biggest issues with doing nursing school as an on-line program; it's a little difficult to get recommendations. So, we hang out there for a couple hours, do all of our paperwork, and decide to call it a day. So off I go home to bury myself in homework.

Over the next couple of days, I had 5 lectures to watch (totally close to 4 hours of lecture time), a movie to watch and write a 3 page paper on, 3 case studies to complete, and a 30 minute presentation to compile (complete with handouts!). Needless to say, been a little too sick and tired of sitting in front of a computer to update my blog!

But, I have caught up on my homework for the next week or so. I should have a little more breathing room for a little while.

This Saturday, I start my clinical rotation in the neuro/rehad unit. I better brush up on my neuro assessment techniques before then. The scuttlebutt in class is that the instructor for this next rotation is a bit demanding. But she is also supposed to be very good and very willing to help you when you need it. I'm sort of looking forward to going back into a medical/surgical area becuase I will have things to do again! Of course, that means I have to wear that AWFUL white polyester uniform again......... Guess we have to pay for the good things in some way or another.....

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