Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Feeling like a real nurse now

In yesterday's mail, I received my very first professional journal. I subscribed to The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) and Nursing2006 back in January through (they were having a good deal when you bought 2 subscriptions at the same time). Yesterday, I open my mailbox to find the November 2005 (whaa??) issue of AJN. Woo woo! Guess that means I really am going to be a nurse someday. I haven't sat down and actually read it yet, but I did go through and read all the article titles, and look at the pretty pictures in the ads. Man, if I was single I could make some serious money as a travel nurse! I think every ad in the magazine was for a travel nursing agency. No wonder local hospitals can't get nurses. Why would I want to practice in cold, snowy Ohio when I can frolic on the beaches of Maui or backpack through the deserts of New Mexico.

Saturday at clinicals went well too. My patient was amazingly low maintenance so I was able to keep on top of things easily. I was also able to get an IV started on the first stick. Our instructor actually gave me some advice that makes it seem like I can actually start an IV with 2 hands and not with the 3 that every other methods seems to require. And, wonder of all wonders, was that at the end of the day, our instructor told all of us that she was impressed with our performance. So either we may have a clue between the 6 of us, or she has really low expectations of our abilities. My guess is that it is probably some of both.

This week looks like it is shaping up to be a decent week. Turned in my assignments for one class, and I have an exam in Trauma Nursing tomorrow. Luckily, her exams are pretty easy so I should not have to kill myself too much studying tonight.

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