Tuesday, February 28, 2006


"You better work!"

Today we get our graduation/license pictures taken. Wow, guess that means things are really happening. It seems hard to believe that there is only 2 more weeks of class and 1 more week of clinicals in this quarter. I still have no official idea about my preceptorship next quarter (for you non-nursing people out there, a preceptorship for a nurse is roughly the same as residency for a doctor. I will be working 1 on 1 with a nurse, eventually taking over his/her patient load by the end of the quarter.). My advisor told me where she wanted to place me (a medical step-down unit), but at that time it was not official. I know that several of my classmates have been told who they will be working with, but not me. If I don't hear anything towards the end of the week I will just have to email her and see what is up.

I also have to take a test in Med/Surg IV this week. It only covers all of the psychiatric illnesses we covered, as well as all of the adult neurological alterations covered. Gee, that is not all that much info to cover (I think it was over 500 pages of reading and about 8 hours of lectures). I really don't know how they will boil that down to 65 questions, but I guess they have. I might take it today after pictures just to be done with it, but we'll see. There is always Thursday after class too.

This week in clinicals should be interesting. We'll be getting our quarter reviews from Scary-Instructor. Not only that, I asked to her to fill out a recommendation form for the Fellowship. Since she keeps telling us that we impress her with our abilities and she was receptive to filling out the recommendation form, I am feeling fairly comfortable that I will pass clinicals. Of course you never know...........

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