Monday, June 05, 2006


I really should do this more often

Another image that I've spent waaaaay too much time thinking about. I'm not exactly sure what nurses or babies have to do with tires, nor do I understand what that woman is going to do with one bottle and 3 babies, nor can I figure out why these kids are on the counter. Is this some sort of cruel, bizarre Darwinistic experiment? Is she trying to teach these babies how to fly? Why does it look like she has drank a quart of uncut lemon juice/ Was there a fourth baby to correspond to a fourth tire? Like I said, I've spent way too much time thinking about this picture.

Since it has been almost a month since my last update, I guess I have some updates to give. Well, here goes.......

School: I took my last final last week! Woo woo! I'm fairly sure I should feel more excited about that fact, however, I still have the boards ahead of me. Maybe this week will generate some excitement, since on Wednesday we have rehersal for our pinning ceremony, and our ceremony itself is on Thursday night. For you non-nurse types out there, pinning is kind of like graduation just for nurses. We have speakers, give awards and stuff. We also get to have a school pin (if we wanted one) put on us by someone important in our lives (which means I'm forcing Buster to come up on stage with me). I'm not sure if we are still taking the Nightingale Pledge (the nurse's Hypocratic oath) at our school, but I guess I will know on Wednesday. After rehersal, we going out for a class luncheon. That should be a blast. It still amazes me how well we all get along. Of everything going on this week, I am looking forward to that the most.

Work: I finally had my second interview for the fellowship program that I applied for. It took them several weeks to get back to me, just to tell me that I did not get in. Hmmmm...... I'm still not sure if that is a good thing or not. I guess it means that they at least had to think about it. I guess I would have been more upset if they called me the next day and told me that I was out. I was pretty bummed about it, but as Buster pointed out, everything happens for a reason and that there is a reason that this happened. So that means that I still have to find a new job. The HR person at the hospital forwarded my info to a couple of other departments, and I have put in some applications with another hospital system here in town. I'm not overly concerned about finding a job (partly since I already have a decent job, albeit one that I do not exactly like), but I hate the whole process of it.

Buster's work: Buster finally heard back from a job that he applied for back in April. He has an interview next weekend for a job up near Cleveland. The interview actually takes place over 2 days, on Friday and Saturday. Kind of weird for that type of job, but that is how they want to do it. He drove up yesterday and looked around at the surrounding community. Sounds like a pretty expensive place to live, but then again, where we live now is not exactly cheap. We've talked a lot about what to do if he gets the job up there, but that is kind of putting the cart before the horse, so we'll see what happens during/after his interview.

Misc. updates: the other main thing going on is that we may be getting a roommate. Our friend from chat, Sportinator, has moved here to Ohio from New Jersey, and has had a little bit of instability in his living situation (let's just say it involved an unkept house, numerous large dogs, and an unpaid water bill). Since we have some extra room (okay, lots of extra room), we've entered into negotiations about him moving in as a roommate. It will be kind of weird having a roommate, but it will be good to help out a friend who needs some help.

That pretty much sums up the last month (not sure if that is sad or not). I'm going to try to make more frequent updates, since in theory, I should have a little more free time.

Keep checking back for more............

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