Friday, June 16, 2006


[Insert Witty Title Here]

I was bored today at work waiting for reports to update, so I went out to find more fun pictures to include in my blog. Some of the old medication ads are just remarkably scary.

Take this ad for example. From what I can tell, this is an ad for a morning sickness pill. Of course, judging from the picture, my first guess was some sort of antidepressant, because she looks WAY too happy. Can you imagine telling a woman today that if she takes this pill while pregnant she'll be able to get up and cook breakfast. Most of the pregnant women I've known would chase you around the kitchen trying to hit you with the frying pan rather than cook with it. I realize that some women actually need medication to deal with morning sickness, however, I doubt it is so that she can spend the morning cooking (and you know she was the one doing to dishes afterwards too).

Buster should be finished with the first portion of his interview by now. He had an interview today and tomorrow up near Cleveland. I don't exactly want to move north of here, but in terms of both of our careers, this would be a very good move. From what I've seen on their websites, the hospital systems in Cleveland have a lot more openings for nurses then the ones here in Columbus. And of course, this would be a step up to top level leadership position in his job, so it would be a huge advancement for him. Of course, that means we would have to find a new house, and move all of our sh*t, but there is always a price to pay.

Kim over at Emergiblog is starting a new link sharing/blog carnivale/roving link collection (I really have no idea what you would call it) for nurses, by nurses, about nurses called "Shift Change". I am going to have to write something insightful (or snarky, or witty, or mildly amusing, or completely random) about starting my nursing career. Seems someone fitting that the first edition of "Shift Change" have something about becoming a nurse. Guess that will be my homework for the weekend.

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