Friday, December 15, 2006


Do you know a good butt doctor?

Yes, that title is exactly how the conversation started! I had stopped at a convience store on my way to the hospital Wednesday afternoon, and when I went to the checkout counter to pay, that was the first question the clerk asked me. She then went on to talk about how her current doctor was not treating her Crohn's disease and she wanted a second opinion. I explained to her that I worked in the ER, and all the doctors I worked with were exclusively ER doctors. I did tell her she could contact our referral line, and they could set her up with an appropriate doctor. I am still trying to get used to the fact that people see you in scrubs and they will tell you anything......

Last night, I was reading an article in the latest issue of Men in Nursing about where are all the men in nursing. Hmmm, with images like the one above used to represent nursing, we wonder why more men do not want to be nurses. Not too many of the men (and actually, many of the women too) I know particularly want to be considered a "Greatest Mother". I realize that this particular image is pretty old, but I can see something like this still being used today. While I'm not exactly sure how to change it, but this type of image are not helping recruit men (or women) into nursing. Okay, stepping off of the soapbox now........

You ARE the greatest mother in the world, even if you dont allow whining.
My hopefully-someone-will-read-it-book is about a 24-year-old male ER nurse and is aimed at the 10-14 age group.

I want a male version of Cherry Ames out there. It's going to take awhile but we can get guys thinking about nursing early in life and we'll see more of them represented in the profession.

I love working with male nurses, because they often have a perspective on a situation that a woman won't have. I think the two sexes compliment each other in nursing.
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