Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh, the conversations you will have.....

Sometimes I wonder just what nurses will *NOT* discuss amongst themselves. We had a conversation this weekend at work that made me feel much the same way as this cat here.

One of our nurse practitioners was telling us about some of her more memorable gynecological exams, most of which involved the removal of some kind of foreign body. The whole conversation was a little disturbing, but the best part of it was when she said,

"I know they say a hard penis has no conscience, but is it blind and with no sense of smell too?"
As the sole representative of the male gender in this conversation, everyone looked to me for an answer. I had to point out that I could not exactly answer that question from personal experience, but seeing some of the partners that men I know have hooked up with, I had to say the answer was probably yes.
I just never thought I would be having a conversation about preferences of the penis 1) while at work, or 2) with a woman who is probably close to the same age as my mother.
And this was just the part of the conversation that I can write about and maintain a PG-13 rating........
I feel unclean now............

I feel for you. We women do have very graphic conversations when we get together. I'm not sure if it's because all my women friends are nurses like me, or if all women do likewise.

At any rate, unclean one, I like your humor. Especially the picture!
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